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Tim Out

Apparently the morning after the election, Tim was saying on the radio that his party lost because of the “fentanyl overdose crisis,” which I haven’t heard. i mean the radio interview. then following opinion(s) were among the post-election explainers the day after.

he’s sitting on the steps.

new council: different people, different arrangement, new dynamics, and everyone is a BLONDE WHITE LADY. so look, Tim, just please stop explaining things, yeah? let these immortal words be your last public comment, echoing through the ages pic.twitter.com/m1XHTwjrYB

— Karen Ward (@kwardvancouver) October 24, 2018

so, is 10 years 10 years? is that long? in terms of years?

that was july 26 2017.

oh that was when he was coming back from the Sochii olympics and i was demanding that he resign for floating the idea of the forced military removal of drug users from the streets of vancouver, and Jeremy got him at the airport and that was the lead story. august is slow, ok!

the question in the original article was “what will happen with vision?” is impossible to answer, and also who cares what this guy says?

aaaaaand a little later. of course i made a choice to, you know, temporarily modulate my anger, because of the humans – so really if you have sudden issues with me waiting, because your political goals are more important that all those units of housing – it’s probably best we don’t discuss.


Hector is very corrupt!

I just happened to have made this .gif of Clr Hector Bremner a month or two ago – so when the news broke that bazillionaire influence-buyer Peter Wall had paid the bills for the third-party pro-Hector billboards that popped up all over town although apparently neither Hector or his bros knew anything about any billboards! – i had it ready.

TMH gif


Temporary Modular Housing build (Pearson-Dogwood); gif adapted from BC Housing-produced timelapse video published April 18 2018