you call that a crisis?

This is a politics of freedom. We do not want a tokenistic seat at a table where the meal is already set, that is, the table of the system that has long oppressed us; we want to determine how we’re treated, in the broadest sense. We’ll make the table, prepare the meal, and invite everyone. This space is our dining room: join us, pull up a chair.… Read More you call that a crisis?

Inexorability Blues

Sebastian trembled in the sun. O Tommy, Tommy, lookLook at the physical the spiritual the wasteJust another old man shouting shirtless in the street:Tommy, Tommy, doing pushups in the June rainA woman watches and can’t stop listeningEven closes her eyes to an indifferent city –She stumbly walks on. Look what we’ve becomeAnd drew his own self… Read More Inexorability Blues