Did the media call?

Ask what would they are calling about! What’s the story?  when they tell you, tell them to call back in 5 minutes so you can find a quieter place to answer your questions. They will always say yes. Always. 

Now take a moment and consider: you’re speaking with the media but who is your audience? It is always the public: is this local media, provincial, or national? Are you telling the public about what you’ve been saying to a specific level of government and ministry? BE SPECIFIC AND BE CORRECT. DO YOUR RESEARCH. ASK OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR FIELD. if you’d rather talk out of your ass, you’re not helping at all, and probably doing harm. You know who you are.

Ok. what is your goal? what are you trying to get across to your audience? what is your message and what is your purpose?  (it doesn’t matter what the journalist’s specific topic is, you need to link whatever the topic is to your message and purpose: decrim, safe supply, housing, etc.

What i mean by Purpose is: What do you want the public to do?

Before you pick up that phone, think about the phrase or sentence that is the key point of your message. It should be clear, easy to understand and memorable AF. Quotable. The journalist doesn’t have to use anything you say in the final report/clip/article, so don’t let them cut you out – by being awesome.

Don’t recite facts or numbers. let the journalist do that. make sure the journalist knows what the relevant and important facts are and email them the source.  

Do not talk about yourself. Do not individualize the overdose emergency. It is a political issue that will be solved by policy change. And its much bigger than any one of us. Or even everyone we’ve lost. 

Make it about them. The regular normal public. Why do they need to end the overdose emergency, and what do they do?

For example – write their MLA/ minister of heath, post with a # hashtag, get a campaign sign, visit a website, do something concrete. Lets get ambitious. Give people something real they can do. i think we might be surprised.