Chaotic Goods

SO what’s the holdup with safe supply? what is this, just for show? for people with money, who already get a safe supply pretty easily? why is it everywhere but [place where you are]?

i dug around, as i like facts, got the same exact number from two sources: as of the end of july, there were 2,181 people accessing safe supply programs in BC. is that a lot? no. how many users in BC? the BCCDC makes a number with a model based on the number of syringes distributed – therefore not counting anyone who smokes anything. so quite an undercount, and the number they had was 55,000+. oh my.

And the supply is getting worse: the number of cases involving “extreme fentanyl concentrations” has doubled since last year. i’ve been comparing this to “the old fent” by comparing that to smooth peanut butter and the concentrations being found as crunchy. hotter than hotspots.

What does this mean? Well, there’s this pandemic that has disrupted everything, and these “extreme” concentrations indicate that while precursors are making it here, the production – in come cases – is not done by the same chemists or with the same equipment. It’s not as well made and there are residual precursors left in the mix, and the undiluted fent concentrations would take down an elephant or two. Yeah safe supply.

if, in march, when the Risk Mitigation guidelines were released, doctors had stepped up and stated publicly, in whatever way, “Yes! if you use drugs, you *are* at risk of fatal OD, i can at least prescribe this, i know its not perfect, lets start somewhere! out in public, let’s go!” and IF, in response, users had said, “FUK YES LETS GO we’ll figure this out” and through the power of *peer pressure* many more doctors got on board, and many more users all over the province did the same, where would we be now?

In other words, we don’t have time to demand perfection. and everyone’s idea of perfect is different. So? Find your own starting point, and work it til its perfect for you.

safe supply alignment chart

i dont understand why everyone is “calling on governments” at the moment. yes its a complicated mess, there should be more funding, but without prescribers… without public support… you are calling on nothing. asking “why don’t they care?” on day 1671 of this emergency is a stupid question to ask. if you don’t know the answer that question yet, you haven’t been paying attention, and don’t want to know the answer. don’t ask “how many have to die?” because the answer is “let’s find out.”