cowards with power

(btw. i had been asking the BCCSU and the drug checking research team for almost TWO YEARS for the data week-by-week, so that i could confirm the changes in the overall supply and its relation to the economic cycle. [‘evidence’]

i was told that they couldn’t/wouldn’t do that, that that was not what their research was about, that my concern about this was irrelevant, and then they flat-out refused to work with me.

let’s also remember how they were funded with five million dollars in the summer of 2016 by Christy Clark, as the the Drug Users Resource Centre was closing down, after the emergency was declared in April of that year, and what else that money could have done other than build those MFs’ careers out of the deaths of our friends. and never ONCE did they consider using a bit of their institutional and social power to take a real risk for drug users. not fucking once.

nothing worse than cowards with power.)

i made this specifically for the BCCSU two years ago!

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