did you hear about the pandemic

so leading off at 930, there’s the Mayor’s Overdose Task Force Update
Dr. Patricia Daly, Chief Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health, and staff from Arts, Culture and Community Services, to present an update on the Mayor’s Overdose Taskforce.

i expect a checklist of work completed up until mid-march, remember? back in the beforetimes? all of it has completely changed because everything has completely changed. i am continuing, for example, to post any grant opportunities. you haven’t, you have not! you yell.

i have posted them. there just are none. theyre gone.

when people complain that COVID is winning the public health disaster pageant, as if the pandemic is a PERSONAL ATTACK and not a reminder that no one is coming to save us, and that we must do this ourselves. really, get off your ass, it’s time.

alberta has stopped reporting monthly overdose deaths.

council has COVID council and while there have been some questions, there have been no solutions proposed specific to this. except from the cops, whose idea is MORE COPS. ive been trying to get council’s attention, which is why i was talking about outdoor supervised sites and opening streets to people on the news last week, and also why im really irritable. also 170 people in overdosed and died last month in the province. not just here. there are other places. and a lot of terrible things are happening. (see above, re: PANDEMIC)

i have had enough symbolic and heartwarming useless gestures. i don’t want compassion. i want justice ffs. I want equitable resources for a disaster of this magnitude. that’s all.

the other day, the province announced a new phone line like this:

“BC launches 24/7 helpline to help experts help people with addictions”

thats MORE MONEY TO THE BCCSU. (i hear on the street that the BCCSU has also won the national competition for MOST OPPORTUNISTIC, single crisis, multi-year. there’s a plaque)

how about 24/7 OPS access and can we have an inhalation site while some people can still breathe. I’ve been asking for two years. More bathrooms = less shit, why are we still talking about this, did you hear about the pandemic?

i am trying to give them ideas.

also i am scheduled to talk on cknw at 840. you can watch council at 930 and its very strange because its all online. good day to get on twitter too – am @kwardvancouver