“electric city / neon madman”

are both titles given to an unfinished experimental film (1973) shot in vancouver.  i know nothing about it – i’m sure there are people still in the local film community connected to it, i’m sure there are memories and stories. for me, however, it exists only in fragments: a few 8-minutes reels in the archives (which have been digitized), where it is described as

item is raw camera footage shot for the never completed film which was tentatively titled “Neon Madman” or “Electric City.”

i briefly considered looking into the background and other history of this effort. then i decided that after looking at these fragments, the film that i made in my head of it is much more satisfying, and this way i don’t have to talk to anyone. i think it’s incredibly beautiful, even though thinking about it gives rise to feelings and thoughts better left unspoken, if acknowledged at all.