As elsewhere noted, I’m shit at keeping track of things. I’m hoping to collect some of that old work here, but really, it doesn’t matter. This stuff is comparately recent and I’ve still lost tons.

March 2014. DTES LAPP at Council

“I think a little bit about my own past and how I wound up here. And the stories I’ve shared and how a lot of us are running away. We’ve run away as far as we can and now we’re here. We’ve been displaced from everywhere else. We’ve been excluded from everywhere else. And this is the first and last place we can find home.”

Social Mix is Exclusion (The Volcano, 2013)

“What we want has become very clear: housing, adequate social assistance, opportunities for all kinds of work within and for our community, and ways we can actually build our own community, rather than having it built for us.”

Curatorial Essay: Mad Pride: IT’S A CRISIS! (2014)

“This is a politics of freedom. We do not want a tokenistic seat at a table where the meal is already set, that is, the table of the system that has long oppressed us…”

Housing and Mental Health (Visons, 2015)

“I lived in this situation—as do many people—for over four years. These kinds of housing are the opposite of places for hope, dignity and recovery—actually, you get worse.”

VANDU Tuesday Group Looks at Tourists (The Mainlander 2016)

“We demand change in our neighbourhood, but we want change that we create ourselves. Change that we want, and a community with a future that includes all of us.”

Feb 2017. Calling on BC gov’t to show some ‘Political Bravery’ on the overdose issue

June 2017. Our Homes Can’t Wait make a point

“Clearly just asking isn’t working….” – includes audio, video segments

2017 July 15. Published Aug 2. Tracey

“…this is the punch in the gut and the kick in the head that tells you again, this is why it’s so dangerous to love.

And of course this is why we fight, because that is why she did.”